Learning Alphabets Workshop in Rasht, Gilan

با من بخوان

On 26 September 2015 two of Read with Me experts traveled to Rasht to hold the “Learning Sounds” and “Learning Alphabet” Workshops for some young tutors of this city. In this one-day workshop which was held by the invitation of Nartiti, Gonbad-e-Kaboud and Mehrahang managers at the place of Avay-e-Doust Studio 19 child Tutors learned how to work with Learning Sounds, Learning Alphabets and Lolopi packages theoretically and practically.

The workshop was started by an introduction of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature and the importance of “Creative child-centered education”. In theoretical part of the workshop goals and functions, books structure and the method of using them were explained. In the practical part the workshop the reading aloud method for short stories in Learning Alphabet book, Teaching the Rhythm, methods for working with songs in Learning Sounds book, articulation of phonemes and practical work with Learning Alphabet cards were presented.

In this workshop also some games related to the subject were included such as: “Rhythmic Introduction” as a mean of knowing rhythm and showing creativity, “Pantomime” as a mean of noticing the importance of the connection with words and “Rain Game” as a mean of paying attention to sounds, concentration and friendship, which all were attractive for tutors and they participated actively in the games.

Some short films from experiences of tutors in working sounds with children in South Khorasan were showed for trainees in order to better understand the ways of working with these packages. At the end the tutors learned briefly about Learning Maths packages of Lolopi.

Tutors and managers who participated in this workshop evaluated it useful and positive and asked for continuity of Read with Me workshops in next months.

Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabets packages are designed with a Creative child-centered education approach in order to make children ready for reading and writing. By working with these packages along with joy and pleasure children can learn to listen well and speak correctly which are the basics of reading and writing and they get ready for reading and learning by story, songs, reading pictures and games. Cognition and process of segmental and suprasegmental in speech chain and the right articulation, Expanding Vocabulary Knowledge in children, improving social and lingual intelligence, knowing alphabetic system and the language logical structure, knowing the phoneme in Persian language and understanding the connection between spoken language and written language are some of other goals and functions of this packages.

These packages help to activate the parts of brain related to reading in children and through this process lingual autism will be prevented in the future.

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