Young Adult Library in Ashraf Aabad, Shahrerey

The Read with Me Young Adult library of Ashraf Abad, Shahrerey has started its activities in the framework of this program.

The library is located in the Iran 1/ Yarran Mahdi high school in the suburb of shahrerey, in the south of Tehran and it was opened on Tuesday 16 January 2018, with school officials and Read with Me experts. This library has been the first Young Adult library, equipped by the Read with Me project.


Equipping and furnishing

A group from Read with Me attended the school several times and during these weeks, they painted the walls and designed the a appropriate library for this age group.

The financial support came from Rakindej Company.

The Read with Me program going to be implemented based on weekly reading aloud sessions for the high school students by two expert trainers from the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature.




Before running this library, the students had received some bags of quality books and they could exchange them so they could benefit these books.

Equipping child-centered libraries in the Read with Me project

Read with Me is a reading promotion project in Iran ran by the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature. The project has started to work since 2011 to promote reading with children who are underserved or in crisis.

After years of experience in reading promotion in deprived areas of the country, the project has become to a solution for its sustainability. By establishing child-centered libraries, not only the needs of quality books for children and young adults are met, but also with reading aloud sessions and art-related activities these children are provided with the a joyful and happy atmosphere to learn boast their imaginations.

These libraries are also a source for nearby schools and classes to provide books for reading aloud sessions.


some libraries equipped by Read With Me:

The Child-centered Library in Salakh, Qeshm

Read with Me Child-Centered Library, a shelter for children after Kermanshah earthquake

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