More than 750 children now covered by One Teacher, One Classroom, One Library Campaign

One Teacher, One Classroom, One Library Campaign, one of the subcategories of Read with Me, has been running since March 2019.

It aims to expand the Read with Me program in deprived schools that cannot afford to implement the program. Through this campaign, classrooms of enthusiastic teachers are covered. Teachers are hence invited to promote reading among their students and pique their interest in reading.

So far, 20 classrooms have been covered by the campaign. 10 other classrooms also await their book packages to be packed and sent. Therefore, more than 750 children can now have access to quality books. This campaign has traveled all over Iran, from the southern islands to the brick-kilns of MahmoudAbad, hospitals and so on.

One Teacher, One Classroom, One Library is a campaign, connecting a compassionate teacher to a patron. This patron provides financial support for implementing the Read with Me program in one or several classrooms. Right now, more than 30 teachers have requested to join the campaign. To continue supporting these teachers, the campaign needs enthusiast patrons with a love for children.

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