Kamishibai, an incentive to learning about living values and environment

This October, Mehr-o-Mah Empowerment Center performed the kamishibai “Lemon Tree and the Forelock Bird” for children. Through the follow-up activities, children’s attentions were turned towards the importance of preserving the environment.

“Lemon Tree and the Forelock Bird” has a rhythmic narrative about pollution and its consequences for earth’s inhabitants.

In this story, the Forelock Bird lives in a lemon garden along with other birds. Each spring, she wakes the garden up with her beautiful songs. Until one year, the black pollution monster traps her. The air, soil and water get polluted, the garden wilts and withers and the birds become distressed. A crow goes to the Forelock Bird and asks for solution. Forelock Brid responds that humans are responsible for this pollution. All birds gather and ask people to stop polluting the water, air and soil and let spring come back to earth once again.

Read a short report from this kamishibai performance:

Date: 9 October 2019
Center: Mehr-o-Mah Empowerment Center, Tehran
Performance: “Lemon Tree and the Forelock Bird” kamishibai
Age group: First through third grade students

Today, children gathered in the yard. At first we performed the kamishibai “Lemon Tree and the Forelock Bird”. During performance, we described spring, clean sky, signs of air pollution and its reasons. Afterwards, we discussed the ways to prevent pollution. As a follow-up activity, we installed pieces of paper to the walls. One sheet for clean air and one for polluted. Then we asked children to draw on the sheets accordingly.

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