Small Villages, Big Dreams

A Read with Me promoter in the nomadic schools of Zahedan, Sistan & Balouchestan, shared his experience with the Read with Me program:

“Read with Me is like a miracle. It has deeply affected me and my family… Here, children think that the whole world is their village, or Zahedan at best. But now, through these books, their world has expanded. For instance, they love Felix. They make up new stories about Felix. Some of them tell me they want to visit London, Cairo, and so on. Their dreams have become bigger. They don’t just want to graduate from high school anymore. They ask me how they can continue their studies.

Hajareh, is one of the teenagers who has blossomed through the Read with Me program. She is in seventh grade, reads a lot and writes stories. Once she told me: “I had become devastated because of the problems I face for continuing studying in my village. But lately, I have been writing and reading again.” Hajareh practices the “Learning Phonological Skills through Literature” with the younger students as well…”

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