Visiting a Printing House

Visiting a Printing House: How are the books we read printed?

Child-centered libraries do much more than lend books to children. These libraries are dynamic, playing an important role in developing children’s skills and expanding their knowledge. For instance, librarians can arrange visits to places related to the books they have read to children. These places can be found anywhere, in a city or a small village. As well as becoming a memorable event for children, these visits can provide a wonderful opportunity for group learning.

With this in mind, librarians of a Read with Me library in Kermanshah decided to take their teenage members to a printing house in their small town, Javanroud. They wanted to create a tangible experience for the teenagers to become familiar with the process of printing books.

Our Journey to a Printing House

  • Visit Date: 23 July 2019
  • Javanroud, Kermanshah Province

“After the necessary arrangements, we took a group of our teenage members, 10-12 and 13-16 years of age, to visit a printing house. Questions were swirling around their curious, eager minds which was very surprising to the manager of the printing house.

The manager thoroughly introduced everyone to different printing machines and the way they work. He also started some of the printing presses to show how they are used. He then talked about the dangers of the job and explained various methods of binding and typesetting as well as different covers.

Today, children learned about paper sizes and their application. In the end. The manager explained the differences between a printing house and a publishing house.

I don’t think any class could teach printing to children as well as this visit did.”

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