“Books and Smiles in Mines”

book and miners

Last week the 1st of July was the ‘National Oil & Mining Day’. For this occasion, we suggested and recommended to our ‘Read with Me’ promoters who lived close to a mine to either take the children for a visit to the mine or invite miners to a gathering in the school library.
Promoters from Qeshm Island and Kermanshah welcomed the idea. To express appreciation for the miners hard work, on behalf of the Research Institute of Children’s Literature, the ‘Read with Me’ teachers and the children donated the book “Coal Mines” to miners to read it themselves and give the book as presents to their children.

Kermanshah – Salas-e Babajani

Forty five children and teenagers, members of the Salas-e Babajani Library, celebrated this special day with the ‘Tefli Stone Mine ‘workers by giving them the book “Where is the Coal Mine?”

supervisor explains the hard and strenuous tasks in the mine
This stone quarry and its workshops is 10 kilometers from Salas-e Babajani. The quarry has twelve miners, two drivers, and two security guards working long hours in an environment full of dust, smoke and vapor. They did not know that it was the “ National Ming Day”; they were really happy and surprised to see the children.

children met the miners
On this visit, the children met and had close contact with the miners and the mine supervisor. After welcoming the children, the supervisor explained the hard and strenuous tasks in the mine, and patiently answered all their questions. The children visited the working environment and learned about the machines and devices in the mine.

Saleseh Babajani mayor
We Sincerely Thank the Salas-e Babajani mayor and his deputy who constantly accompanied the children and the librarians on this trip.

Hormozghan – Qeshm Island – Ramkan

On ‘National Oil and Mining Day’, Miss Hassani Aghili, a promoter with ‘Read with Me’ in Qeshm Island, visited ‘Ramkan Limestone Quarry ‘and read aloud the book ‘Where is the Coal Mine?’ for the hardworking miners.

Ramkan Limestone Quarry

This active promoter, donated a copy of the book to each miner as a small token of appreciation for the miners’ efforts and also for their children to read and be proud of their fathers, Miss Aghili wrote and said “It took me several weeks to get permission to visit the mine. I was really happy and excited because it was my first encounter and experience to read aloud for adults, especially for hardworking fathers in the mine.”

read aloud the book ‘Where is the Coal Mine?’ for the hardworking miners

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