Aseman”, A Library for Children and Adolescents, Opened in Qeshm”

The inhabitants of the island of Qeshm in the Persian Gulf are already familiar with quality literature and books.

More than two years ago, “Read with Me” program came to this vast island and since then, it has accompanied children, adolescents and families on the path to literacy and enjoying the wonderful world of literature.


And then, in the winter of 2021, a new library called “Aseman” (literary meaning sky) promises higher flights on the wings of books in this island.

Two programs have joined forces in the island of Qeshm to provide more and more children and adolescents with quality books: the creative teaching of basic literacy through literature in nurseries and kindergartens, and the expansion of the libraries of “Read with Me” program.

Ayesheh Garshenasan is one of the most energetic ambassadors and promoters of “Read with Me” program who has implemented programs such as “Basic Literacy” and “Reading with Families” in the past two years, and consequently, has established connections with many children, adolescents and families who are eager for reading more books.

Therefore, upon her request, the library of the town of Tabl was founded with the support of Idaj and Balintech Companies.

Aseman Library” has more than 1500 volumes of books for every age groups; so, it can be a good source for the children and adolescents of Tabl, as well as a platform for the expansion of book reading in the neighboring villages.

Now, Tabl has the fifth children’s and adolescents’ library of “Read with Me” program in the island of Qeshm.

The library was officially inaugurated on February 2nd, 2022 by Zohreh Qaeeni, the manager of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature and the director of the reading promotion program called “Read with Me”.

A dream-like picture by Marit Tornqvist, the prestigious illustrator of children’s books, from “You’re the Loveliest”, is reproduced on the walls to help young readers reach up to the sky in this library.

Here are some pictures from the process of establishing this library.

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