Jiroft Celebrates the Establishment of Three School Libraries

On 3-4 July 2019, Jiroft in Kerman Province, experienced the opening ceremony of three school libraries with the cooperation of Education Office experts and Jiroft City Hall authorities. Mozhdeh Palashi, an active Read with Me teacher in Houkerd…

Sepehr Child-centered Library brings new light to the education of Kerman villages

GhassemAbad, an arid village in Kerman Province, has been struggling with drought and economic issues for years. With an agriculture-based economy, this village consists of houses in between fields and palm trees. Before Mehr-e-Taha Charity…
Max Velthuijs' "The frog and stranger" in Jiroft

A Journey from Netherlands to Houkerd, Jiroft

One year after publishing the Dutch illustrator Max Velthuijs' "The frog and stranger" in Iran for Read with Me programme, now it is in Houkerd, a village of Jiroft, Kerman to share with children the meaning of cultural diversity and the importance…
با من بخوان

Twenty Schools in Sirjan joined the Read with Me project

In November 2015 twenty elementary schools and two high schools joined Read with Me project by the financial support of Meraj Andisheh Sirjan Cultural Institute and Sirjan Education Office. By starting the program the experts from the Institute…