Read with Me in South Khorasan Province

Geographical location: Ghaennat, Nehbandan, Darmian, Khusf, Birjand and Boshrouyeh in South Khorasan Province
Number of Children: 6000
Number of Teachers: 313 teachers in Preschools and first to fourth grade of Elementary Schools
Start Date: October 2013

Read with Me authorities were eager to implement the project in preschools of remote villages of South Khorasan since the start of the project. Therefore, Read with Me authorities sent this plan for the Children in Crisis Fund, an affiliated organization with International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). After the required investigations, the project was approved by this organization and a budget was allocated for its implementation in South Khorasan.

In 2013, the implementation of the Read with Me project in deprived and remote villages of South Khorasan was offered to Yavari Cultural Community because of their effective and comprehensive presence in this province. After extensive consultations, on June 2013, it was decided to implement the project in Nehbandan and Ghaennat for 24 kindergartens and preschools with 720 children from 4 to 6 years old with the financial support of IBBY and Yavari Cultural Community from October 2013.

Education and Welfare authorities of these two deprived regions were more ready and teachers and managers of rural kindergartens were more eager to implement this project, so they were suggested to Read with Me by Yavari Cultural Community which has a deep understanding of the region and its condition. In addition to the financial supports, Yavari Cultural Community helped the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature’s experts by all means to run the project in these areas.

The first phase of the project which had been started in October 2013 was successfully completed in September 2014 and the trained tutors of this phase are continuing to implement the project independently in this area. Since October 2014, 1766 children from three regions of Birjand, Khusf and Darmian joined this project, and a total of 2360 children in preschools and first grade of Elementary Schools have been covered by the project.

In 2014, IRHCL held the first round of Read with Me workshops in Birjand Education Office for teachers. In November and December 2014, six workshops were held for 60 preschool and 59 first-grade teachers from five towns were included in the project and 5400 books along with nearly 60000 activity sheets and 720 educational inscriptions for preschools and schools were sent to the region.

By the implementation of the Read with Me project and its important and effective role in the growth of children in preschools of South Khorasan, this province achieved the second place in attracting children to preschools in Iran in the academic year of 2014/15.

In 2015, through the advancements of Read with Me, Boshrouyeh was also covered by this project. The routine workshops of Read with Me were held in this town in November 2015 and 70 tutors and teachers attended these workshops and got to know the purposes and methods of Reading Aloud and Creative Teaching methods. Therefore in 2015, 1200 children from Boshrouyeh who studied in Preschools and First to fourth grade of Elementary School were added to the Read with Me Project and by the supports of Yavari Cultural Community 3310 books, 390 handbooks and 67850 Activity Sheets were delivered to children, tutors and teachers in this town.

In the same year, the advanced workshops of Read with Me were held for 100 teachers of first grade of Elementary School in Khusf, Darmian and Birjand. These workshops included “The Environment and Books”, “Dictionary of Riddles” and “Marionette” workshops. Also, the Read with Me basic workshops were held for tutors and teachers who had recently joined the program.

According to the statistics in the academic year of 2015/16 in these three towns, 1750 children in preschool and first year of Elementary School were covered by this project and more than 2200 books, 660 handbooks and 238000 activity sheets were distributed among them.

Click on link below to read the annual report (2013/14) of this project:

Read with Me – South Khorasan report – 2013/14

Read with Me covered areas in South Khorasan

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