Read with Me in South Khorasan Province

Geographical location: Ghaennat, Nehbandan, Darmian, Khusf, Birjand and Boshrouyeh in South Khorasan Province
Number of Children: 7900
Start Date: October 2013
End Date: June 2017

South Khorasan has been one of the most successful projects carried out by Read with Me. It has shown tremendous, long-lasting effects in children’s learning process during its four years of implementation especially in preschoolers. The cooperation and creativity of the province’s teachers and tutors was of course a determining factor.

Read with Me authorities suggested their program to Yavari Cultural Community which had a prominent presence in the remote villages of South Khorasan. Therefore, with the financial supports of International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) and Yavari community, the program was implemented in two areas. Nehbandan and Ghaennat.