Since “Read with Me” is a reading-based program, the quality of reading is its foundation. Enjoying reading and understanding content of the text requires literacy. Many children in deprived areas do not feel the pleasure of reading a text and understanding its content because they lack basic literacy. This is more evident especially in areas where bilingual children live.

This weakness has multiple reasons, the most important of which is the lack of logical and emotional relation between reading materials and literacy learning and children’s interests. This deficiency leads to reading without any interest among children and adolescents. These children need reading materials that reflect their interests and lives. According to this fundamental need of children and adolescents in deprived areas, “Read with Me” has focused on Basic Literacy improvement with the Creative Educational Approach through Children’s Literature as one of its main commitments. We help these children to improve their basic literacy through a creative and motivational method so that they can enjoy reading, literary or informative books, individually or collectively.

Basic Literacy improvement in the “Read with Me” project begins from early childhood and preschool years based on advanced language teaching principles with the emphasis on the fact that reading literacy is not a sudden process which gets started in school years. Literacy learning demands prior periods of development or readiness. In this process, children get to know the structure of the spoken language and, phonology as its basis, and they learn how to speak and express their needs and emotions.

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