The Winner of IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award 2016

Different below ways are suggested to join RWM Project:

  1. Financial sponsorship

    Benefactors can suggest any center or school in deprived areas and accept the financial support of the project for a period of three or six months, one year or more. After signing a contract free quality books will be delivered to deprived children and Reading Book sessions will be held for children after training teachers and tutors through RWM workshops. The project's financial sponsor will be regularly informed of reports and evaluations of the project's implementation.

  2. Helping the Fund

    Fund for Education & Empowerment of Working Children, implements this project along with Creative Education Project in some labor & Street Children centers in Tehran. Benefactors can help this project's better and vaster implementation in these centers by donations to this fund every time and in every amount.

  3. Promoting Mother and Baby Project


    Donating Mother and Baby Bag to deprived mothers in hospitals, maternities, districts and etc. is another way to help RWM Project.

  4. Volunteer Work

    • Translation of news and reports from Persian to English
    • Translation of texts in English or other languages to Persian

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