location: tehran/ pishva village of varamin
number of children: 130
basic education: kindergarten to 12th
number of teachers: 10
start date: year 1400

Established in 2002, this school provides educational services to immigrant Afghanistani children in all grades. The school joined Read with Me project in the educational year of 2021/22.

In November 2021, more than 240 quality books as well as class wall-mounted libraries and guiding handbooks were sent for classes from the first to the sixth grades. Since then, teachers and motivated, creative volunteers in this school are holding reading aloud sessions in the classes.

The teachers of this school participated in online workshops of introduction to children’s literature and reading aloud in December 2021. Nursery school trainers and first grade teachers also participated in online workshops of Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills.

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