Allameh Majlesi School

Geographical Location: HajiAbad Village, Pakdasht, Tehran Province
Age Group: Preschool, first through fifth grade
Number of Children: ۸۱
Number of Tutors: 5
Start Date: Autumn 2017
In Progress

In 2017-2018, the “Read with Me” program was implemented at Allameh Majlesi School of Hajiabad Village, Pakdasht. This year, 81 preschool and elementary school children were covered by the program with the financial support of Mr. Bavili. So far, 30 Basic Literacy packages, 92 books along with handbooks and activity sheets have been sent to the school.

The Program Objectives

  • Paying attention to the education of children in marginal areas of Tehran
  • Strengthening student literacy through the use of modern child-centered creative education
  • Using children’s literature and its various types to develop reading skills
  • Improve basic literacy by enhancing children’s interest in reading books and comprehension
  • Training educators and teachers as well as enhancing the skills of these trainers to enrich the class space and content
  • Addressing living values such as happiness, peace, participation, respect for nature and … according to the needs of the region

In this regard, the educators and teachers of the center participated in workshops on creative basic literacy. (Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills and Learning Numeracy Skills). And an Introduction to Children’s Literature and Quality Books, Reading Aloud Techniques and Story Elements.

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