Geographical Location: Arzanan, Isfahan City
Age-group: Preschool and Elementary school
Number of Children: ۶۰
Number of Teachers: ۶
Start Date: June 2012

The Association of children and adolescence literature lovers and Golhaye Yase Fatemeh Charity asked Read with Me to hold Book Reading Workshops in Arzanan neighborhood in Isfahan. So a thirty-hour workshop was held for 6 volunteers on different subjects like book reading, improving children’s creativity, teaching living values through literature, creative child-centered education and methods of holding Reading Aloud sessions.

After the workshops, it was planned to run Read with Me project in Arzanan neighborhood. This project has been held in Mashgh Center in Arzanan with participation of 60 children every week from June 2012 by now.

RWM also reached other achievements in Arzanan by holding Reading Shahnameh sessions for adolescents, Literacy classes for mothers, Increasing the ability of children to “read fluently” and improving their motor skills with various activities such as painting, crafts and creative performance before and after Reading Aloud.

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