Geographical Location: in the west of south Khorasan province
Age-group: preschool and first to fourth grade of elementary school
Number of Children: 2500
Start Date: October 2014
End Date: Summer 2017

In November 2015, the Read with Me group held a series of Reading Aloud and Book Related Dramatic Arts activities in Boshrouyeh. These workshops were held to expand RWM project in South Khorasan province which is performed by the cooperation of South Khorasan Education Office and by the financial support of Yavari Cultural Community. By implementing the Read with Me project in this region, 1200 children in preschool and first to fourth grade of elementary school have been covered by RWM.


This town is located in the east of Iran and on the edge of desert. Because of its geographical location, it has a hot and dry climate. The name of the city in their own dialect means a place where a specific plant (Bosh) grows which does not need much water to go on living.

After deciding on adding Boshrouyeh to the regions covered by RWM, the institute’s experts, Mehri Safai, Maryam Akhgari and Soheila Fallahpour under the supervision of Maryam Akhgari, the RWM expert responsible for South Khorasan, were sent to this region on 3-4 December 2015 to hold a series of RWM workshops for 70 teachers and tutors of preschool and first to fourth grade of elementary school. In these workshops our trainers presented these subjects to the participants: “Quality Books”, “How to hold a Book Reading Session”, “Reading Aloud”, “Elements of a Story”; performing artistic activities related to books such as: “Making three different kinds of masks”, “Performing a Shadow Play”, “Making a Play Scene” and “Making Hand Puppets” and the techniques of working with creative learning packages, such as: “Learning Sounds” and “Learning Alphabet”. A total of 11 elementary schools and the preschools subordinate to them have joined the RWM project since November 2015.

From 18 January 2016 to 20 January 2016, the RWM experts traveled to South Khorasan and Boshrouyeh to observe the progress of the project in this region. In these visits, the RWM experts examined the procedures of the teachers in “Reading Aloud”, activities before and after reading, book related artistic activities and Dramatic Arts. The experts also helped the teachers regarding their questions and problems, pointed out their strengths and applauded them for their hard work.

In another visit on 12-13 April 2016, 5 schools and 9 school classes were visited and a workshop with the title of “a Review on Reading Aloud, Elements of a story, Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabet” was held for the tutors, and their questions were answered.

A final conference at the end of the academic year was held in May 2016 at the House of the Teachers of Boshrouyeh in which 69 tutors and teachers involved in the project were praised for their performance.

By implementing the RWM project in this region, 1200 children in preschool and first to fourth grade of elementary school were covered by RWM and by the supports of Yavari Cultural Community. 3310 books, 390 handbooks and 67850 Activity Sheets have been delivered to children, tutors and teachers.

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