Geographical Location: Northwest of South Khorasan Province
Age-group: preschool and first to fourth grade of elementary school
Number of Children: 2500
Start Date: October 2014
End Date: Summer 2017

In 2015, Boshrouyeh (an ancient, hot and dry city in South Khorasan) joined “Read with Me” for the first time. In Boshrouyeh, five primary school grades (pre-school, first, second, third, and fourth) implemented the program in their classes. In two years of program implementation, about 2,500 children were covered in this area, and enjoyed quality trainings and books.

On 3-4 December 2015, the first round of Boshrouyeh workshops was held with 71 trainers and tutors. 27 instructors from preschool and first grade and 44 teachers from second, third and fourth grades attended the workshops.

In this round, Children’s Literature, Quality Books, Reading Aloud, Story Elements, Shadow Puppetry, Mask Making and Scenography workshops were held.

On February and April 2016, Read with Me experts visited the schools to check the implementation of the program in Boshrouyeh. They also guided the teachers to resolve their mistakes.

On 25 April 2016, a second round of workshops was held for teachers in Boshrouyeh. Based on the visits, experts felt the need to focus on some necessary points. Simultaneously, they reviewed Reading Aloud, Story Elements and Learning Phonological and Phonemic Awareness Skills workshops and held a Q&A session.

In the academic year 2016-2017, due to the success, enthusiasm and creativity of the teachers of Boshrouyeh in the previous year, with the support of a group of benefactors, 14 schools and 1340 preschool and elementary school students had the chance to benefit from the “Read with Me” program for the second year.

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