Library of Lorestan Nomads

Geographical location: Child-centered Library of Lorestan Nomads, KhorramAbad, Lorestan
Number of Members: 
Librarian: Shohreh Koushki
Start Date: November 2017
Supporter: Yarra Foundation

To implement the “Read with Me” program among teachers and students of Lorestan nomads in Kouhdasht, a child-centered library was established with the support of Yarra Foundation in Khorramabad in 2017. This library aims at promoting quality books to nomadic schools for holding Reading Aloud sessions.  It contains more than 300 quality books, handbooks and activity sheets, as well as book bags with 150 books, handbooks and activity sheets. Nomadic schools are members of the library and teachers at these schools carry book bags to hold Reading Aloud sessions. These bags are designed in such a way that they are installed in the form of classroom libraries on the walls and quality books are displayed to children.

Library Space

In order to design the library space, a group of Read with Me experts traveled to Khorramabad from31 October to 3 November. They held Basic Literacy and Dramatic Arts workshops for teachers as they prepared the library.

Here are some images of the Child-centered Library of Lorestan Nomads before and after the work of the team:

With the opening of the Child-centered Library of Lorestan Nomads, in addition to borrowing books, children attend Reading Aloud sessions.

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