location: tehran/ hassanabad fashafoyh
number of children: 110
basic education: first to 6th
number of teachers: 6
start date: year 1400

Jamal-o-Din Afghani School, located in one of the deprived regions of Tehran province, is dedicated to the education of Afghan children. The school provides educational services to Afghanistani immigrant children in the first to the sixth years of elementary school. This school supports another center in a village nearby which covers children in the first to the fourth levels. The teachers of these two schools joined Read with Me project in the educational year of 2021/22 and more than 100 children were covered in the project.

Since the academic year of 1402-1401, this school has been one of the centers supported by the fund of the IBBY-iRead award 2022, donated by Zohreh Ghaeini; As an Outstanding Reading Promoter, She  has donated part of this award to reading and literacy promotion projects in the “Read with me” program, especially promoting reading among Afghan immigrant children in Iran.

In November 2021, nearly 200 quality books were sent to these two schools along with class wall-mounted libraries and guiding handbooks. Packages of creative education of basic literacy were sent for the teachers of these schools, and packages of Learning Farsi with Literature were sent for all the children in the first grade.

The teachers of this school participated in online workshops of introduction to children’s literature and reading aloud in January 2022. They have also participated in online sessions for getting acquainted with creative education of basic literacy in order to learn how to use packages of Learning Phonemic Awareness Skills and Learning Farsi through Literature.

In February 2022, theater in relation to reading aloud workshop was held for the teachers in order to help them enrich reading aloud activities.

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