Geographical Location: Kouhdasht, Lorestan Province
Age-group: Preschool to 6th grade of Elementary School
Number of children: 4000
Number of teachers: 126
Start Date: August 2014
IN Progress

Read with Me project was started in Kouhdasht, Lorestan province since Summer 2014 by supports of personal benefactors and Fund for Education & Empowerment of Working Children. In 2014/15 two workshops were held for 19 tutors who implement RWM project for 1347 children under cover in this district and 444 quality books (135 titles) were sent to the district in two phases.

Read with Me project in kouhdasht, Lorestan started its second year of activity since October 2015. After taking a series of Read with Me workshops 41 teachers implement this project for 1113 students in three girls elementary schools and one boy elementary school. In the second year, 1926 books for children and adolescents, 42 books for teachers, 1775 activity packages and 133 handbooks have been sent to the district in two phases.


In August 2014, on a three day visit, Read with Me experts traveled to Kouhdasht. In addition of visiting some nomad villages and schools in the district, they held RWM workshops for ۱۹ teachers, tutors and book activists in Farabi Research Center by the cooperation of some local authorities.

Participants in these workshops learned about the selection of quality books for children, story elements, Reading aloud and managing class techniques and “Theatre of the Oppressed”. In this workshop it was insisted on games as an effective technique in managing classes and holding “Book Reading Sessions”. Also the participants learned practical artistic activities related to books which are an important part of “Book Reading Sessions” and they are also main pivots of RWM project. “Living Values” workshop was dedicated to environment specially animals regarding the needs of the district and its environmental issues.

In April 2015, RWM experts returned to Kouhdasht to verify the implementation of RWM project in schools and they held the second series of workshops for teachers. In these two days the experts visited 10 urban and one rural schools where 772 children are covered by RWM project. In this workshops the experts taught “Reading Aloud”, “Story Elements” and “Learning Sounds” and “Learning Alphabet” packages by showing movies, slides, games and practical work.

After the negotiations between RWM responsible in Kouhdasht and Kouhdasht Education Office in December 2014 a circular was delivered to schools in this district to introduce the RWM project, in which many schools were interested.

Read with Me‘s Second year of activation of in Kouhdasht was started by holding a two day workshop on 14-15 October 2015. In these workshops which were held by the request of Kouhdasht Education Office, totally 41 teachers and tutors in three girls elementary schools (Bentolhoda, Somayye I & II) and one boy elementary school (Dehkhoda) were trained.

On these two days, Knowing Children’s Literature, Quality books, Story elements, Reading Aloud and Book Related Dramatic arts workshops were held and these subjects were taught practically and theoretically by the RWM experts.

Also in mid December 2015, the project responsibles once more went to the region in order to visit and verify the teachers’ performance and the project’s progress. Since the restart of the project in October 2015 in addition of Reading Aloud of books and performing Book related activities, the teachers have prepared a Registration notebook for the libraries in each classroom and they lend books to children. During this time 643 books have been borrowed by children.

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