Geographical Location: Salakh Village, Qeshm Island
Age-group: Preschool and Elementary School
Number of Children:
  Over 500
Number of Teachers: ۱۷
Start Date: Autumn 2015

In December 2015, a group of experts consisting of 2 volunteers traveled to Salakh and held the Read with Me workshops for 17 participants.

In addition to the workshops, the experts had meetings with Elementary School and High School principals and teachers. In the last day, the RWM experts also had a meeting with 18 adolescent girls of this town and held a Story Writing workshop for them.


Salakh is a village located in Shahab County in Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province and after Sousa Port, it’s the second important southern port of Qeshm Island. This village is culturally special. Its women are intellectuals and are interested in cultural activities.

In December 2015, a group consisting of two volunteers from the Association of Children and Adolescent Literature Lovers traveled to Salakh and held the RWM workshops. In these workshops which focused on “Methods of Reading for Children and Adolescents”, ۳ kindergarten tutors, an Elementary School principal, one literacy movement teacher and other volunteers who were interested in book reading promotion participated.

The workshops included: “How to Encourage Our Children to Read”, “Methods of Book Reading Promotion”, “Children’s Literature Workshop (Definition, Goals and Function)” and “How to Share Story Elements with Children and Adolescents” in which the participants learned different methods of Reading Aloud and Reading Promotion and were introduced to the Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabet Packages.

The RWM experts, introduced the Read with Me project to a number of teachers, tutors and school principals in a meeting they had with them and talked to them about the importance of reading and its role in the living values and education of children. They also had a conversation about the creative, child-centered “Learning Sounds” and “Learning Alphabet” packages and discussed the various ways of implementing the RWM project. Participants were keen on implementing this project in their schools.

In the last day of their stay in Salakh, the experts had a meeting with 18 adolescent girls and showed them the bookshelves that contained books appropriate for their age. They also read a few quality books aloud and held a Story Writing workshop.

In winter 2017, a library has been equipped in this town which in addition to the books sent by RWM, owns more than 1000 quality books provided by the Children’s Book Council. The librarian of this library has participated in the two-day workshops of RWM.

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