Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company

Location: 40th  km Tehran-Qom highway, ShamsAbad Industrial Park, Tehran
Age-group: 0-18 years old
Number of Children: 390
Number of Family: 280
Start Date: Autumn 2014
In Progress

The library welcomes fathers who borrow books for themselves and their children enthusiastically. Trained librarians are also prepared to respond and provide guidance to their clients every day. The library of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan factory has about 4000 volumes and 1300 titles of books.

According to statistics and reports, over 450 books and 300 titles are now borrowed over a month.
“Read with Me” experts have encouraged children of worker families to read by holding a variety of book-related cultural and educational programs.


The contest, “Which book I loved most!” was held at the factory to promote reading among children and adolescents. From 22 December 2015 to 19 March 2016, this program encouraged families to read to their children.

In June 2016, the worker families of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan factory were asked to take photographs of unique moments of reading with their children and participate in “Reading Memento”.

In the autumn and winter of 2016-2017, Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Library asked workers to help their children to engage in the implementation of recycling-related environmental activities through an environmental contest “We Make Less Waste!”. The first requirement of the green contest was to study books chosen by the library. The books introduced methods of reducing waste production and recycling to those who were interested to participate in the contest.

In mid-March, the “Read with Me” experts selected winners among 40 participating families and 100 works. The winners were awarded prizes provided by Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan managers. In addition, an active family of readers who were members of the library were honored.

“Read with Me” experts and Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan managers decided to repeat the contest to promote the culture of protecting the environment and green life. The Green Contest (2) lasted from May until the end of September 2017. More than 30 families participated in the contest, and the winners were awarded.

In June 2019, the Mobile Puppet and Toy Museum, visited the factory, presenting traditional Iranian toys, introducing traditional games of the past and teaching the 50 participant families how to build toys.
This program continues.

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