What are Book+Activity Packages?

The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, in order to support Read with Me Project has prepared Book+Activity Packages so that families, tutors, teachers and librarians can easily get access to appropriate books and get useful guides on the methods of sharing books with children. Below cases are set in Book+Activity Packages:

  • A seleced book by the experts of the institute and Children’s Book Council experts
  • The handbook guiding how to read and related activities
  • Print activities such as patterns for making masks, dolls… for plays and games and activity sheets to get involved in the story structure

How To Heal A Broken Wing + Activity

The Book: A boy named Will notices an injured bird in the crowded city. With the help of his parents and giving care, Will tries to return the bird into the skies.

The Activity: The handbook expresses the characteristics of picture books and explains how to read them to children. The children will be asked to tell the story upon the images and notice the details such as location, time, characters and etc. Children also can tell the story by pantomime. A paper pattern of a bird is also available which can be used in the pantomime and reading aloud.

The Goal: Knowing Story Elements and Sequence of Events in a story, Noticing the details of images and improving the visual literacy of children, concentrating on values such as peace, hope and interest in environmental issues

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Palm Tree and Goat Legend + Activity

The Book: This book is a recreation of an ancient Persian verse tale. It tells the story of a goat and a palm tree who discuss and boast their utilities. The package also includes an Audio version of the book.

The Activity: Making and playing games designed upon optical illusion, making animation, making a clay pot similar to the ancient The Assyrian Tree pottery vessel which is believed to be the first animation in the history, making a shadow play scene, shadow puppets and performing the play upon the book

The Goal: Knowing cultural heritage, scientific phenomena of optical illusion and its applications, animation basics and learning about shadow play

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Kisses for Daddy + Activity

The Book: Baby Bears brings excuses before he goes to bed, he ignores his daddy’s requests for a goodnight kiss and his father plays games to put him to sleep.

The Activity: Talking to children about animals and feelings, leading them to notice the details and gesture, colored images of animals to be cut and used for making a small animal encyclopedia

The Goal: Improving the emotional relation between father and child, knowing animals

boosehayo-baraye-baba en

Little Blue + Activity

The Book: A boy named Will finds little blue in the jungle who has lost her home. She explains her house and they try to find her house together which is strangely similar to Will’s house…

The Activity: A broken blue ceramic bowl is attached to the handbook which must be restored by children.

The Goal: Children learn to care about cultural heritage and the importance of conservation and restoration of objects in museums.

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