Reading with Babies and Toddlers Workshop


Who benefits the Reading with Babies and Toddlers workshop?
Mothers with their babies or toddlers, pregnant mothers and everyone who looks after a baby or toddler

Workshop goals:

Reading Promotion with children since the birth and insisting on effects of books on the mental and social growth of children

Educational Tools:

  • PowerPoint
  • Some cloth and cardboard books for babies and toddlers
  • Fabric in different colors and designs, cardboard, colored papers, old colored magazines, markers, colored pencils, glue

What do they learn in the workshop?

  • The steps of reading aloud with babies until three years old
  • Appropriate books for babies and toddlers/knowing the types
  • Learning Sounds with babies and toddlers and understanding rhythms
  • Making books for babies and toddlers
  • Educational and fun activities for baby’s lingual growth

Workshops abstract:
First of all, the importance of speaking and book reading with babies and toddlers is discussed with mothers. The mothers practically learn to sing lullabies and songs with their babies. The right way of speaking to the baby as a mother is taught and mothers use this language for speaking to their babies in the workshop. A short explanation is given about books for babies and toddlers and mothers experience book reading with their children in the workshop. They make books for their babies and toddlers and they also play games and activities with their child.

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