Koosha Kids House

Location: Emamzadeh Yahya neighborhood, Baharestan Street, Tehran
Age-group: 4-6 years old
Number of Children: 80
Number of Teachers: 6
Start Date: September 2014

Koosha Kids House has started its activity in Dabir-ol-Molk Toys and Health House concentrating on working children in Emamzadeh Yahya neighborhood, Baharesten since 2001. This house belonged to Mirza Mohammad Hussein Khan Farahani known as Dabir-ol-Molk who was one of the Qajar government officials. Dabir-ol-Molk historic house which has been restored by Tehran Municipality, now is a place for educating, training and playing for labour children and the children from low-income families. In September 2014 four workshops were held for the teachers of Koosha Kids House and then, Read with Me project started its activity officially in this center from October 2014. Also, once again a supplementary workshop was held in January 2015. By now the center has been visited 13 times by three of our institution experts.


In this center, “Reading Aloud” sessions and “Learning Sounds Package” courses are held for 4 to 5 year old children and innovative training courses of “Learning Alphabets Package” and “Lolopi” are held for 6 year old children. The center manager believes that appreciable and extensive changes have been made after 6 months among children. For example, a specific education program has helped teachers to manage the classes with more discipline and to have higher efficiency. Also, it has made them to study more to be able to consult with other teachers in order to have better results. The most important result of Read with Me project is its effect on children. Now, the children’s concentration is improved, they can have identification with characters of stories and they can play game upon the story. They are more patient in teamwork and use of common equipment and they accept each other more easily despite of their differences. Their confidence is improved and now they are able to ask about issues in their mind, their listening concentration is developed and they can easily connect with others. As a result of diversity of the book subjects and their related activities, and also going to various places like bakery, theater, restaurant, park, zoo and etc their social knowledge has increased and they have learned the manner and behavior of being in a public place.
Totally it can be said: self-confidence and trust, cooperation and acceptance of each other and the class, interest in books and the joy of listening have been made and improved in these children and they gradually loose their separation anxiety.

2014 آماده سازی قالب توسط: وردپرس یار