The Winner of IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award 2016

MahmoudAbad House of Children (Pooyesh)

Location: Imam Reza highway, near KhavarShahr town
Number of Children: 147
Number of Teachers: 3
Start Date: 2010

For the first time, the Read with Me project was conducted as a pilot plan for 109 Elementary school children and 38 Middle school children and adolescents in MahmoudAbad House of Children in 2010 and the children took part in weekly Book Reading and art activity sessions. Despite the very positive achievements of the project in this center, after two years the project was stopped due to management problems, in fall 2012. After management changes, the project started again in summer 2014.


The Association of street and working children supports, Pooyesh which is known as MahmoudAbad House of Children, was founded in 2008 by some university students. MahmoudAbad is a village near KhavarShahr town in 12th km of Imam Reza highway. Despite being close to Tehran; the living situation is not good in this area, even drinking water pipeline is not available for the residents.

MahmoudAbad is an industrial village, many of its population work in brick making kilns or other small industries around. Vast areas around the village are covered by brick making kilns. Beside these kilns, there are rooms where families from the MahmoudAbad House of Children live. The Read with Me project started its activities by sending 130 books to 147 students between 7-14 years old in this center since 2010.

This project is implemented again in MahmoudAbad House of Children since summer 2014 by the management’s request. At the moment, among 531 children studying at this center, 117 children – first to fifth grade of Elementary School – are covered by the Read with Me project. They use Learning Persian Package as their Persian language book in 1st, 3rd and 5th grades and Learning Alphabet Package in the second grade. This year, 40 Learning Sounds Packages, 61 Learning Persian Packages (1, 2, 3), 196 books (74 titles) along with 100 activities were sent to this center. Also, two “Creativity Workshops” for “Learning Sounds” and “Learning Alphabet” and a primary and supplementary “Reading Aloud Workshop” for teachers have been held in this center.

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