The Winner of IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award 2016

Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company

Location: 40th  km Tehran-Qom highway, ShamsAbad Industrial Park, Tehran
Age-group: 0-18 years old
Number of Children: 297
Number of Family: 172
Start Date: Autumn 2014

The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature implemented the Read with Me project for the families of factory workers by the financial support of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company. This project is a different experience for Read with Me where families are directly involved in Reading projects. Currently, 297 children and adolescents participate in the project.


First Phase

First Step:

In November 2014 at the beginning of the project, a workshop was held for 60 mothers of the families of factory workers and employees by the Read with Me experts on subjects such as: Reading Aloud techniques, Basics of Reading to babies and toddlers, Creative Educational books (Learning Sounds, Learning Alphabet and Learning Persian).

In this phase of the project, families received book bags in accordance with their children’s age-groups. These bags contained books and various activities including Creative Educational books. In addition, a simple booklet was given to each family along with every bag. Families shared these books and activities with their children. In the beginning of each course, fathers returned books to the factory library and took new books for their children. Also, parents could call institute’s experts if they had questions about reading with their children.

In this step 205 children from 136 families of the workers of the Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company received books.

Second Step:

This step started in May. As the routine of the previous months, 235 children from 158 families of workers received their book bags.

In September 2015, with the completion of the book lending cycle and collecting the books from the workers, every book was back in the library and thus, the first step of the RWM program in this company came to an end.

According to the parents, these children have become more interested in books and book reading. Their parent-child relationship has improved and some disabilities of the children with special needs are ameliorating.

Second Phase

Equipping the Library:

This step started by providing a list of quality books for children and adolescents and helpful books for adults in order to answer the needs of families on these subjects. In the first week of October 2015, a library for children and adolescents was established in Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company including 600 titles and a total number of nearly 3000 books.

One year after the beginning of the first step, with the immense enthusiasm of the workers in reading with their children and their request for establishing a library for adults, the program authorities assigned two shelves of the library to useful books about psychology, parenting, culinary, history, etc. with the support of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company. This library has been equipped in three rounds due to the workers’ requests.

With the purpose of promoting reading among children, adolescents and encouraging parents to read with their children, the competition “The Book I Like Most” was held from 22 December 2015 to the end of March 2016 in the factory and the office of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company located in Tehran.

Another competition with the title of “Memorials of Reading with Each Other” was held in which the families of workers sent pictures of the pure moments of reading with their children.

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