Implementation Methods

Basic Literacy Improvement

Combining literacy learning with children’s literature since preschool ages, improves listening and speaking skills in children and affects their reading and writing skills in the future.

Reading Aloud

Reading Aloud for children is one of their basic needs to know the children’s literature. Reading aloud is a magic which brings the story to life for children.

Child-centered Library

Child-centered libraries provide children with quality books and motivate them to read and experience.

Reading with Babies and Toddlers

Reading is a habit and also a skill. Beyond these, for babies and toddlers it’s a tool for mental and emotional growth.

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برنامه «با من بخوان» زیر نظر مؤسسه پژوهشی «تاریخ ادبیات کودکان» برنامه‌ریزی و اجرا می‌شود.