Read with Me libraries can be set up anywhere, under any circumstance. Provided that the libraries contain quality books, hold Reading Aloud sessions with book-related activities, make connections with nearby schools and institutes, have a rich literacy environment and that in their design, they take children’s needs, their interest level and the accessibility of books into account.

Read with Me child-centered libraries serve as sustainable bases of the program in the most deprived areas of Iran. Teachers and children who are part of Read with Me need this base in order to stay connected to the program and improve.

Read with Me librarians are promoters of the Read with Me program. They are responsible for interacting with children and adolescents and managing the library in this regard, as well as keeping constant contact with the educational institutes in which Read with Me is implemented.

Since 2016 Read with Me has focused on expansion and enrichment of libraries in order to make quality books accessible to larger groups of children and young adults.

The main features of these libraries are:

All of the books in the library are quality books;

Children from 0 to 16 years old are considered;

• Books are easy to access for children;
• the interest level of children is of high importance;
• Reading aloud sessions and book-related activities are held regularly in the library;
• Surrounding schools are the members of the library and they take book bags to read aloud in the classes;
• Librarians and teachers from schools around the library are trained in Read with Me workshops and their activities are monitored by the Institute’s expert.
• Local children and parents are involved in establishing and running the library. Knowing the library as a part of their community and their belongings, guarantees its sustainability.

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