Reports of Read with Me Program

International White Cane Day: experiences with blind and visually impaired children

The 15th day of October is International White Cane Day. On this…
2020-10-15/by editor96

SiBiLak, Children’s Companion on First Day of School

On one of the first days of school, a Read with Me teacher in…
2020-10-11/by editor96

International Day of Peace: activities in a Read with Me center

On the International Day of Peace, tutors at Mehr-o-Mah Empowerment…
2020-09-27/by editor96

My Forever Dress, an Experience in Jiroft

َA Read with Me promoter in Jiroft held an online read-aloud…
2020-09-21/by editor96

Read with Me Library Activities during the Pandemic

Read with Me librarians haven’t forgotten about children during…
2020-08-17/by editor96

Story of a Child-centered Library Longing for Children to Visit

In late autumn, one of the teachers at Nabovvat Elementary School,…
2020-05-31/by editor96

Reading Promotion from Home – an experience in Sarpol-e Zahab

Read with Me Libraries have been closed due to the Covid-19…
2020-04-12/by editor96
Read with Me in Flooded Regions of Iran

Read with Me in Flooded Regions of Iran

Since the beginnings of the series of destructive…
2020-04-07/by هدیه خلیلیان

Read with Me Libraries in 2019

The role of libraries in strengthening the bonds of children…
2020-04-05/by editor96

Read with Me Activities During Coronavirus Outbreak, March 2020

Read with Me At Home
By the end of February 2020, schools and…
2020-03-23/by کارشناس با من بخوان

We Grow Up Too, Just Like Little Tad

Book Name: Little Tad Grows Up, by Giuliano Ferri
2020-03-17/by editor96

A Brief Look at One Teacher, One Classroom, One Library Campaign in 2019

One Teacher, One Classroom, One Library campaign is a subcategory…
2020-03-15/by editor96

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