Reports of Read with Me Program

The Little Bird in the Class

Children and The Experience of Reading Aloud How to Heal a Broken…
2022-06-28/by admin

“Read with Me”, a Program for Enjoying Books and Childhood

For Zohreh Ghaeni, Winner of IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter…
2022-06-12/by admin
book and miners

“Books and Smiles in Mines”

Last week the 1st of July was the ‘National Oil & Mining…
2021-08-10/by آذین بذرافشان
بشاگرد- دولت آباد

The journey of a Read with Me promoter to the Bashagard Region in Hormozgan

Book reading and setting up classroom libraries in several villages…
2021-07-24/by آذین بذرافشان

Spot’s Garden: experiences from GhassemAbad Village Library

Spot’s Garden, a children’s book written by Eric Hill,…
2021-05-06/by editor96

One Promoter, One Book Package Campaign in 2020 – Report

The “One Promoter, One Book Package” campaign is a subset…
2021-04-24/by editor96
شیرخوارگاه آمنه

Seven years of reading with Children at Ameneh Nursery

 Conversation with the staff involved in implementing book reading…
2021-04-11/by editor96

Read with Me libraries in 2020 – Report

COVID-19 pandemic and other social and economic factors made…
2021-04-11/by editor96

Encouraging reception of the “Reading in Families” program by families in Qeshm Island

From January 2021, The Institute for Research on the History…
2021-04-03/by editor96

Creative librarian encourages students to visit the library

On its initial days of activity, Niayesh School Library, a newly…
2021-02-07/by editor96

The Forgotten children of Shir-Abad

For many years, the ‘Read with Me’ project has tried to connect…
2021-01-25/by editor96

Read with Me in Times of Coronavirus, 2020 Report

We have all been living in a coronavirus pandemic for months.…
2021-01-21/by editor96

Reading books on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

An experience from a Read with Me library in GhassemAbad…
2020-12-12/by editor96

Nomadic Children, Nomadic Librarians

Lorestan is a province home to nomadic groups. They migrate southwards…
2020-11-09/by editor96

Azarestan Library Doesn’t Leave Children Behind During the Pandemic

It has been 6 years since the workers at Azarestan Construction…
2020-11-02/by editor96

International White Cane Day: experiences with blind and visually impaired children

The 15th day of October is International White Cane Day. On this…
2020-10-15/by editor96

SiBiLak, Children’s Companion on First Day of School

On one of the first days of school, a Read with Me teacher in…
2020-10-11/by editor96

International Day of Peace: activities in a Read with Me center

On the International Day of Peace, tutors at Mehr-o-Mah Empowerment…
2020-09-27/by editor96

My Forever Dress, an Experience in Jiroft

َA Read with Me promoter in Jiroft held an online read-aloud…
2020-09-21/by editor96

iRead Interview with Zohreh Ghaeni, Founder of Read with Me Program

About iRead
The IBBY-iRead Outstanding Reading Promoter Award…
2020-09-06/by editor96

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