Read with Me, A Cool Breeze in the Hot Summer of Brick Kilns

Children of southern Tehran’s brick kilns, have been experiencing…
2019-07-07/by editor96

I Am Not a Chair!”: A Reading Aloud Experience”

"I Am Not a Chair!" is a book about a giraffe that everybody…
2019-07-07/by editor96

JahadAbad Children’s Step Towards Knowledge

A Report of the Improvement of Out-of-school JahadAbad Children 
2019-06-10/by هورزاد

Children at Mehr-o-Mah Empowerment Center, in Search of their Island of Happiness

The Island of Happiness, a book written by Marit Törnqvist,…
2019-06-09/by هورزاد

A Teacher Who Believes in the Magic of Words

His name is Ahmad. A teacher from Hirmand, Sistan & Balouchestan.…
2019-06-03/by هورزاد

Children Aren’t Forgotten during New Year’s Holidays!

This year, New Year's holidays passed, with all the good news…
2019-04-21/by هورزاد

A Letter to Author, from the Earthquake-stricken Kermanshah

A girl from the earthquake-stricken Rijaab in Kermanshah, Iran,…
2019-01-10/by هورزاد

Four years of Children’s Companionship with Books in Ameneh Nursery

One day in 2013, the Children's Culture Museum welcomed special…
2018-07-22/by هورزاد

How children accept social responsibility in the “Read with Me” library

2018-05-25/by هورزاد

How the Read with Me project changed the lives of children in Ameneh Nursery

When a group of toddlers from Ameneh Nursery visited the History…
2017-08-11/by هورزاد

Improvements of vocal and auditory skills of children in Ameneh Nursery

When a group of children from Ameneh Nursery visited the History of…
2015-12-08/by admin

Read with Me experiences in Kousha House of Kids

Read with Me experts visited and reported the progress of project…
2015-08-19/by admin

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