My Forever Dress, an Experience in Jiroft

َA Read with Me promoter in Jiroft held an online read-aloud session, reading “My Forever Dress” to a group of children under 6 years old. She writes about this experience:

“Today, I read-aloud the book “My Forever Dress” to a group of children online. This book is about a little girl who asks her grandma to make her a dress. Years pass and the girl grows. She still loves the dress and wants to help the environment too. She seeks ways to keep this dress and not have to make a new one. The grandma makes changes to the dress so it’s usable again. The story goes on like this…

After sending my read-aloud video, I explained the concept of recycling and encouraged children to make their favorite forever dresses with recyclable materials. A lovely grandma also participated in this activity!”

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