By Reading Aloud quality books for children, we can bring the words and phrases to life, awaken the atmosphere of the story in their minds and help them visualize the events of the narrative. Reading Aloud is like a spell that animates the story to the eyes and ears of children.

Reading Aloud is one of the necessary foundations of familiarizing children with literature. When you read aloud to a child, aside from the fact that they will be fascinated by listening to the story, they will also learn methods of verbal communication as a part of language. When the reader’s voice is calm, the narrative flows like a tranquil river and when the reader’s voice rises, it expresses tension and struggle in the story. As the reader’s voice subsides again, the conflict in the story is resolved. It is with twists and turns in reading of the stories that children become aware of the magic of language and captivated by literature.

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