Please be kind to animals: experiences on International Animal Rights Day

Javanroud Read with Me Library experiences

The librarians at Javanroud Read with Me Library planned an interesting activity on International Animal Rights Day. Educating children to care for the environment and imparting living values to them are among the main concerns of the Read with Me program. In this regard, the experience at Javanroud Library is an example worth sharing:

Book Name: This Moose Belongs to Me
Location: Javanroud Read with Me Library, Kermanshah province
Date: 11 December 2019

On International Animal Rights Day, we decided to read-aloud the book “This Moose Belongs to Me”.

Before reading aloud, we asked children to give their opinions about animal rights.

Sana said: “I have a dog in my paternal village. I made him a home using dirt and stones. Once, I spent all the pocket money my mother had given me and bought him food. That dog is mine!”

After reading aloud, we discussed the book.

 “Then no one really owns animals and they also have the right to be free.”, Anna said.

 “We should not force them to do things…”, Viyan said.

“That’s a kind of abuse.”, Helia completed.

Helia told us about a squirrel that roams around freely in his uncle’s garden.

In the end, each of them took a piece of paper and drew their favorite animals as well as their interpretations of the book.

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