“One Promoter, One Book Package” Campaign

What is “One Promoter, One Book Package” Campaign ?

The “One Promoter, One Book Package” campaign is a subset of the Read with Me program which is implemented with the help and support of “Read with Me Fan Club”. The purpose of this campaign is to ensure that a large number of children, tutors, teachers and reading promoters all across Iran, have access to “Read with Me” services.

On one side of this campaign stands the interested and devoted promoter and on the other side, stands the financial supporter who aids the project for one or a few times.

Background and How the Campaign Works

In March 2019, the “Read with Me” program started a campaign under the name of “One Teachers, One Class, One Library” with the goal of providing the teachers who are interested with books and wall-mounted cloth book holders. This way a large number of teachers and their classes would be a part of the “Read with Me” family. The teachers who joined this campaign were working in underprivileged areas and their schools could not afford buying quality books on their own. Other than providing the teachers with quality books and book holders, joining this campaign had the advantage of attending different workshops and learning how to share books with children and different read aloud techniques.

As the campaign grew and more people started to join, it was decided to provide not only the teachers, but also promoters and children librarians who do not have access to quality books, with the services that the campaign offers. By changing the approach, many promoters and children librarians joined the campaign and attended the workshops.

In 2020, when the pandemic started, a lot of teachers and promoters had to change their way and approach of working which also lead to a change in sharing quality books with children. A number of promoters, teachers and librarians, chose online and social media platforms to continue their responsibilities as a reading promoter; while others followed the health instructions and went to different areas to share the books with children and young adults. During this time, teachers, tutors and librarians play an important role in reading promotions and making quality books accessible for all children. Therefor the campaign got itself a new name and it started to be called: “One Promoter, One Book Package”.

In addition to what has been previously mentioned, the “Read with Me” program emphasizes on the importance of reading with families and how significant it is to promote reading among all family members. This campaign gives promoters, teachers and librarians the opportunity to provide families and children with quality books.

Same as before, the “One Promoter, One Book Package” campaign, is available for teachers, tutors, promoters, librarians and anybody who is interested in promoting reading among children, to join. The people who are qualified for this campaign will attend the assigned workshops and receive a package of quality books and a wall-mounted cloth book holder. It is expected that this person continues on with their promoting activities and keeps in touch with program by sending reports of their reading aloud sessions and other actions related to the campaign.

From March 2019, a lot of promoters have joined the campaign from all across Iran; such as Sistan and Balouchestan Province, kerman Province, Hormozgan Province, Tehran province and so on.

By supporting the “One Promoter, One Book Package” Campaign financially, you will make it possible for other teachers, promoters, tutors and librarians in underprivileged areas to join and we will be able to make quality books and read aloud sessions available for children all around the country.

Areas Covered by the Campaign

Number of Promoters City/Region Province Num.
۱ Konaraak Sistan and Baluchestan ۱
۱ Dashtyari
۱ Mirjaveh
۷ Saaravan
۳۰ Zahedan
۳۱ Zabol
۳ Shahed Shahr Tehran ۲
۳ Shahr-E Rey
۳ Mahmud Abad
۱۵ Tehran
۱ Bandar Abbas Hormozgan ۳
۳ Bashagard
۱ Lark Island
۱ Gheshm
۱ Doorbani Village
۱ Tabl Village
۱ Jijian Village
۱ Sirik
۲ Isfahan Isfahan ۴
۱ Ramshir Khuzestan ۵
۱ Ghaleh Sard
۱ South of the province/Faasa Fars ۶
۱ Arudan
۲ Kermanshah Kermanshah ۷
۲ Sar Pol Zahab
۴ Jiroft Kerman ۸
۱ Kahnouj
۱ Tabas, Deyhuk South Khorasan ۹
۱ Tabas, Esfahak
۲ Yasuj Kohgiluye and Boyer Ahmad ۱۰
۱ Yazd Yazd ۱۱
۱ Nakhl-E Taghi Bushehr ۱۲
۱ Aligoudarz Lorestan ۱۳
۱ Jir Gavaber Gilan ۱۴

This Table is updated frequently. The last update was in August 2021.

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