Read with Me Project in Hormozgan

The Read with Me project was started in Hormozgan Province, Salakh village located in Shahab county from Qeshm island in the autumn of 2015 when one round of RWM workshops was held for 17 participants. Following these workshops, in November 2016, another round of workshops was held in this village and also Dargahan was added to centers covered by this project. In Dargahan, 20 trainees from 8 schools participated in the RWM workshops.

In Salakh, 30 teachers and tutors were educated. The workshops were held in a library named “The Library for Mother, Child and Adolescent”. The continuous Reading Aloud sessions and the brilliant performance of this library in implementing the RWM project encouraged the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature to equip this library by the financial support of Ms. Sedigheh Mahdavi, the founder of Mahdavi School in Tehran and turn it into a child-centered library. Therefore, on 3-4 February 2017 a group of RWM experts traveled to Qeshm and with the help of local students, they equipped this library and gave it a makeover.

Read with Me Covered areas in Hormozgan

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