Geographical Location: Qeshm Island Global Geopark, Dulab Village, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan Province
Start Date: February 2020
Supporter: Mingzhou Zhang

Dulab Village is located on the west side of Qeshm Island. Its Child-Centered Library was established in February 2020 with the financial support of Mingzhou Zhang. The library’s main purpose is to promote reading amongst children of Dulab Village and other Villages in the area.

Mingzhou Zhang, the president of International Board of Books for Young People (IBBY), visited Iran in April 2019 and visited offices and libraries of the “Read with Me” program. During his visit, he witnessed the actions and activities of “Read with Me” librarians at the Avay-e Mandegar Empowerment Center and recalled to it as an unique experience. After his visit, he donated to the Read with Me project in order to financially support the facilitating of a new “Read with Me” Library.

Dulab child-centered library started its work in February 2020, serving for children of different ages ever since. The library is facilitated with 400 different titles of books (a total of almost 900 copies). These books are selected from a vast collection and are suited for children from ages 0 to 16. There are also several books written for adults (which are related to children and children’s literature) sent along with other quality books. Some of the books have guides and activities as well, these items and some other equipment such as posters and illustrations were also sent to the library.

The librarian of Dulab library has participated in “Children’s Literature and Reading Aloud” and “Child-centered Libraries” workshops which were held in September 2019 in another Read with Me Library in Dargahan, Qeshm Island.

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