Read with Me in Kermanshah Book City

2019-08-11/by editor96

Iranak Museum of Childhood, Now on Display

2019-08-04/by editor96

New Groups of Mothers Join the Reading with Babies & Toddlers Program

2019-07-28/by editor96

Dayan Library Is Now Open to Qaleh Morqi Children

2019-07-22/by editor96

Jiroft Celebrates the Establishment of Three School Libraries

2019-07-14/by editor96

Rouzbahan Child-centered Library, an Addition to the Read with Me Family

2019-07-01/by هورزاد

Mobile Puppet and Toy Museum Visits Azarestan Factory

2019-06-30/by هورزاد

Omid, Library of Hope

2019-06-30/by هورزاد

Read with Me Workshops in the Flooded Khouzestan

2019-06-30/by هورزاد

Navid-e-Vahy, the Second Child-centered Library in Qeshm Island

2019-06-17/by هورزاد

Read with Me establishes yet another library: Kaveh Child-centered Library

2019-06-16/by هورزاد

Farhang Child-centered Library, A Library for All Children

2019-06-09/by هورزاد

Read with Me will be introduced at the International Library of Children’s Literature in Japan

2019-06-03/by هورزاد

Sepehr Child-centered Library brings new light to the education of Kerman villages

2019-06-02/by هورزاد

Mothers Learned the Fundamentals of Reading Aloud

2019-05-26/by هورزاد
IBBY president visits a read with me center

The IBBY President visited Avay-e-Mandegar Empowerment Center

2019-05-01/by هورزاد
Read with Me team with IBBY President

The IBBY President: Read with Me Gave Me a Big Surprise

2019-04-30/by هورزاد
Poldokhtar Flood

Read with Me Reaching Out to Children in the Flooded Poldokhtar

2019-04-30/by هورزاد

One Teacher, One Classroom, One Library Campaign

2019-04-09/by هورزاد

Happy Nowruz, the Persian new year!

2019-03-21/by هورزاد
Tree Planting Day in Iran

Welcome Spring! – Tree Planting Day in Iran

2019-03-09/by هورزاد
Sadr-ol-Vaezin Library

Women Who Establish Libraries

2019-03-05/by هورزاد
Max Velthuijs' "The frog and stranger" in Jiroft

A Journey from Netherlands to Houkerd, Jiroft

2019-02-27/by هورزاد
Literacy Education for Afghan girls and boys

The opportunity for the Afghan girls to become literate through literature

2019-02-15/by هورزاد

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