Literacy Education for Afghan girls and boys

The opportunity for the Afghan girls to become literate through literature

2019-02-15/by هورزاد
Read with Me cabin-Library in Javanroud

The 8th Read with Me cabin- Library in Javanroud

2019-02-02/by هورزاد
!The smile sits again on the face of children in Jahad-Abad

The smile sits again on the face of children in Jahad-Abad!

2019-01-26/by هورزاد
Read Aloud

Read with Me celebrates Read-Aloud week for the second year

2019-01-23/by هورزاد
Mobile Library

The First “Read with Me” mobile library arrives in Qorveh

2019-01-16/by هورزاد
The second Read with Me biennial conference

The second Read with Me biennial conference

2018-11-19/by هورزاد

The second Read with Me conference and Jabbar Baghcheban Award

2018-10-22/by هورزاد

Read with Me is nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2019

2018-10-13/by هورزاد

A message from Katherine Paterson for Read with Me

2018-09-29/by هورزاد

Teenage librarians of “Read with Me” in Zagros Mountains

2018-09-18/by هورزاد

The third year of reading for seasonal workers’ children in brick kilns around Tehran

2018-09-17/by هورزاد

Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabets in Afghanistan – Herat

2018-09-09/by هورزاد

Another “Read with Me” library was set up in a disadvantaged area in Tehran

2018-08-12/by هورزاد

Another earthquake in Kermanshah and once again books for treating fears and anxieties

2018-07-24/by هورزاد

Four years of Children’s Companionship with Books in Ameneh Nursery

2018-07-22/by هورزاد

The seventh “Read with Me” cabin library in earthquake-affected areas

2018-07-17/by هورزاد

Turan child-centered library, Another Read with Me Library in Isfahan

2018-06-24/by هورزاد

Khansar Child and Young Adult Library

2018-06-23/by هورزاد

LibraryKhansar (Sadr-ol-Vaezin)

2018-06-22/by هورزاد

Read with Me child-centered library in Etrat School

2018-06-15/by هورزاد

How children accept social responsibility in the “Read with Me” library

2018-05-25/by هورزاد

The dialogue between two diverse worlds

2018-05-13/by هورزاد
Illustration of Children's Books in Intercultural Dialogue Exhibition

“Children’s Books Illustrations in Intercultural Dialogue” in collaboration with Marit Törnqvist

2018-04-14/by هورزاد

Bike and Book Trips for Reading Promotion

2018-04-01/by هورزاد

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