Read with Me Cooperates with Child Labor Association

Education has become a worldwide issue since the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point in time, many children have lost access to education and are facing difficulties. In Iran, children who faced limitations due to child labor or migration even under normal circumstances are in much dire state. The Child Labor Association and Read with Me who have worked hard for children living under such harsh circumstances have now come together to start a cooperation with regards to these children’s education.

This project is supported by Azarestan Construction Co. Read with Me is responsible for the education of more than 300 children supported by the Child Labor Association within 4 centers in Tehran and 1 center in Bam, Kerman.

Child Labor Association provided the necessary foundation to be able to support children during the pandemic using health protocols. However, for children in crisis, quality education based on their needs, gains importance. Because it helps their learning, life quality as well as mental health. This matter was discussed between Read with Me and Child Labor Association members. It was decided that Read with Me experts supervise and train the preschool to 2nd grade teachers of these centers based on the Basic Literacy Creative Education method.

Read with Me experts initially held online sessions for the teachers of Child Labor Association and introduced them to the basics of the program. In October 2020, Read with Me experts held workshops in person, with health protocols. Children’s classes started from November.

Read with Me experts and the teachers are in constant contact. Teachers send reports, share experiences, learn from each other and receive feedback from their project supervisors.

Their online training continues as they learn how to teach the Learning Math through Literature package. The teachers will also participate in the Read with Me Online Courses.

The teachers’ creativity was soon apparent as they started sharing their activities.  Currently, their students are learning new concepts through literature, artistic activities, drama, songs and creative mathematical activities.

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