On 30 April and 4 May 2019, 60 mothers whose children were students at two elementary schools in NasimShahr, Tehran, participated in the Read with Me Reading Aloud workshops.

In these workshops, they were tutored in the fundamentals of Reading Aloud and how to share books with their children. These mothers can now assist in Danesh-va-Mehr Library as well as borrowing quality books and reading them to their children at home.

These two Elementary schools, with over 1000 students, joined the Read with Me program in December 2018 by the supports of Yaran-e-Mehr-va-Danesh association. Read with Me held Reading Aloud, Basic Literacy and Art Workshops for 40 teachers from these schools. The teachers started implementing the program in their classrooms after having received their Reading Aloud and Basic Literacy packages.

In January 2019, Danesh-va-Mehr Library was established in a nearby complex with more than 800 quality books. This library has geography, science, Learning Sounds and Learning Alphabet corners as well as sections for Reading Aloud and its related activities.

Learning Sounds with Sibilak

Crafting Elmer with Pottery

Book-related activities on Frog and the Treasure