Reading with Babies and Toddlers

One of the features of “Read with me” program is to read with babies and toddlers. There is a widespread belief in society, especially among deprived families, that considers newborns needless of any kind of program. Except for feeding, putting to sleep and cleaning. If these families were aware that a two year old baby’s brain size becomes two times bigger than when they are born, then they would believe that babies and newborns would have the best and the greatest opportunity to learn from the environment and family in this period.

The “Read with me” program wishes to extend activities regarding reading with babies and toddlers. Especially in deprived areas for parents not to keep silent at this valuable time, and read with their infants. Because by reading and speaking to children we should immerse them in the world of words from the very beginning. Every word we speak or read to our babies creates a brain connection that can mature their brains. These words feed the baby’s brain.

It’s been proven that babies can hear during the last months of pregnancy and learn words from birth. Children start talking when they are about two years old. In fact, baby’s brain absorbs the language of its environment from the moment of birth up to two years. So learning reading and writing skills does not start from the time that school begins. The world of words is learnt and discovered since birth.

Whenever you read repeatedly to a baby, their brain absorbs information. They form the basis of literacy for their entire life and are introduced to the pleasures of reading. Dialogues and Reading Aloud to babies is a good way to support every aspect of their growth. It is a valuable investment in the child’s learning, especially for their success in reading and bonding with books.

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