In 2016-2017, the “Read with Me” program was implemented for teachers of Moallem-Kelayeh in Qazvin province with the financial support of Mafi family as the proponents of the program. In this program, more than 230 children from 15 schools and different grades were covered.

Difficulties in accessing schools due to the inadequacy of roads and mountainousness of the area, the low number of students in schools, and the multiplicity of classes led “Read with Me” experts to propose the “child-centered library” as the base for promoting reading in the area. In this way setting a child-centered library was put on the agenda and this library was opened in November 2017 with the support of Sogol and Sogand Mafi, children of Yahya Mafi and Masoumeh Sohrab as the founders of the Children’s Book Council and the Mehran School.