Yahya Mafi Child-centered Library

Geographical location: Moallem-Kalayeh, Lorestan
Number of Members: 
Start Date: November 2017
Supporter: Mafi Family

One of the solutions of “Read with Me” to support the program’s sustainability is launching and equipping child-centered libraries. These libraries, in addition to meeting the children’s needs of books, provide an environment where they can learn and enjoy, develop their imagination and creativity and grow the desire to read and enjoy reading by holding Reading Aloud sessions and performing book-related activities. These libraries are also centers to fulfill the needs of schools and classrooms in term of books.

In Moallem Kalayeh, establishing a child-centered library was on the agenda due to the region’s conditions. The remoteness from the surrounding villages and lack of access to them during rainy days were among the reasons. The library was opened in November 2017 with the support of Ms. Sogol and Sogand Mafi the children of Yahya Mafi and Masoumeh Sohrab the founders of Children’s Book Council and Mehran School.

Due to the drawbacks inside the space intended for the library, the space was first repaired and painted. The executive team of “Read with Me” prepared and designed the library and the necessary equipment during this period. After designing the library space, “Read with Me” sent over 1,400 quality books for age groups of 0 to 16, over 120 volumes of reference books and adult books with children’s topics, nearly 200 handbooks and activity sheets along with creative educational packages, audio CDs, maps from Iran and the world, and 40 brain games to the library.

Library Space Before Renovation

Yahya Mafi Child-centered Library after renovation, designed by the Read with Me executive team

Yahya Mafi Child-centered Library was opened on 2 November 2017 at the presence of Yahya Mafi’s family, the staff of the Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature, educational authorities of Moallem Kalayeh and teachers under the program cover.

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