December 7th (Azar 16 in Iran) is World Kamishibai Day. This year, despite the hard situation in the country, some reading promoters and enthusiasts of Read with Me project accepted the invitation to World Kamishibai Day, and performed kamishibai and follow-up activities to celebrate this occasion alongside the rest of the world as the previous years.

International Kamishibai Association of Japan (IKAJA) has established this occasion since 2018, and believes that World Kamishibai Day creates the opportunity to spread the joy of kyokan (the sharing of feelings) and live life together in peace.

The publication house of The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature has published two Kamishibai titles in Persian language, “The Sparrow Who Had Wings” and “Bah-Bah-Limoo and Kakoli”.

Below is a pictorial report of the activities on December 7th 2022 in iran:

“Sadr-ol-vaezin” Library

 Khansaar, Isfehan

“Shadi” Library
Pishva County, Tehran province

“Shadi” Library
Pishva County, Tehran province

Kamishibai boxes

made by  children of “KhorramAbad” Library

HajiAbad library, Ray County, Tehran province

Neda-e-Mandegar Empowerment Center, Tehran

Kamishibai cards of “The Little Red Hen” made by children of Aftab-o-Mahtab school, Yazd