Opening of six “Read with me” Libraries during spring of 2021

افتتاح شش کتابخانه با من بخوان

Despite all pandemic challenges during the last year our life carried on.

These lockdowns had affected the education of disadvantaged families and children. For most of them, going to school and getting an education stopped and if some of them had any access to it, the leaning process was so poor and low quality.

So, we can see during this difficult period of time for these vulnerable, deprived and disadvantaged children life how important it is to have access to high quality books and a place to be able to go and meet other children, and teachers to help them read books and get valuable education.

At this difficult time the necessity of reading promotion and using different techniques for creative teaching has become very clear and right now, it is our high priority.

Opening six libraries at five different provinces during spring 2021 is part of our efforts for helping and being with the children of our country, to support their right to achieve the best kind of education and ability to access high quality books.

Roya Library, Dehkool Village, Zabol, Systan & Baloochestan


Mehre Afagh Library, Dorod, Lorestan

Aftab Library, Bandar Syreek, Hormozgan


Red Bird Library, Ghasem- Abad Tehranchi village, Tehran

Gol Banoo Library, Bayengan, Oramanat, Kermanshah

Arash Library, Koosha children House, Zabol, systan & Baloochestan

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