Read with Me Library gives service to families of Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Co.

با من بخوان

Quality Books Library - Read with Me in Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Co.After more than one year of Read with Me implementation for more than 250 children from families in Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company, now a library of quality books for children has been established in this company with more than 4000 books for children, adolescents and their parents where all the workers and employees can refer to choose and borrow appropriate books for their children by the guidance of librarians and book experts.

Last year by opening of schools in September, Read with Me project started its activity in Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Company and after the first training session with mothers in October 2014, the families of workers and employers in the factory received their first book bags. Since that date till the end of summer 2015, families returned book bags which they and their children had read once in every two months and they took home new books.

Our experts put appropriate books in each family’s bag regarding the age-group of their children for two months.  Some books had handbooks and activity sheets with them so that families can learn how to read aloud and do the follow-up activities related to books with their children. The parents could contact the institute’s experts via phone in case they had any questions about reading with their children. In the previous year in addition of books in book bags, the factory’s management in the framework of RWM project distributed Creative education books such as “Learning Sounds”, “Learning Alphabet”, “Learning language through literature” and “Dictionary of Picture Riddles” to help children in learning Persian language. Also for multi-dimensional growth of children since birth, cardboard and cotton books were gifted to babies and toddlers. So parents using the book “Baby Read-Aloud Basics” which shows the method of reading aloud with babies and toddlers, would be able to improve the lingual and Cognitive growth of their children.

Quality Books Library - Read with Me in Sazvar Sazeh Azarestan Co.The books inside the book bags after one year of going around between families, in September 2015 were collected and located in a library in the factory and since October numerous new quality books were purchased and added to previous books. Now the number of books in the library is about 4000 and all the workers and employees can borrow as many as books that they want for their children. In this library books on subjects such as Psychology, Education and Reading Promotion are available for parents to increase their knowledge so that they can help their children more than before.

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