Mothers’ Cooperation in Read with Me project in Gharchak/Varamin

با من بخوان

Activities Related to Reading Aloud - Read with Me in Child Foundation - Oct 2015

Since October 2015 “Reading Aloud” Sessions of Read with Me project in Child Foundation Center in Gharchak – Varamin was started for children from first to sixth grade of elementary school.

In these sessions “Nokhodi’s Tales” for children in first to third grade, “Desert Giant” for children in fourth and fifth grade and “Brother eagle, sister sky” for children in sixth grade of elementary school were read aloud and also conversations, games and related activities before and after reading aloud were performed with children.

At the same time the mothers who had brought their children to Child Foundation Center to participate in RWM project joined the Book Reading and conversation sessions.

In these sessions, the mothers learned about Read with Me project, the necessity of book reading for children and its role in development of skills and multi-dimensional growth in children. Also in these sessions the importance of reading in family and how children learn from parents and how parents can make their children interested in books and reading were discussed.

Activities Related to Reading Aloud - Read with Me in Child Foundation - Oct 2015

It was decided that on each sessions mothers choose a book and discuss about it and mention their experiences as their children are taking part in Reading Aloud sessions.

In these sessions mothers were asked about their subjects of interest and their needs and most of them were eager to read and know more about how to treat children.

RWM and Child Foundation experts hope to promote Book Reading between families by actualizing this plan.

If you would like to know more about Read with Me project in Child Foundation, click here.

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