Books Strengthen Friendship

Books Strengthen Friendship

One characteristic of quality books in children’s literature is intertwining living values within the story in an indirect and intricate manner. Such books create opportunities for dialogue and activities on living values.

Below, is the experience of a Read with Me school teacher in Qeshm island which shows how reading books can strengthen friendships:

Date: December 2019
Location: Mahdieh Elementary School – Dargahan – Qeshm Island
Book: Just Right for Two/ Author: Tracy Corderoy/ Illustrator: Rosalind Beardshaw

“Just Right for Two” is a beautiful book with inviting illustrations and a lovely story, which talks about the importance of friendship.

Today, I took children to the school yard for a Reading Aloud session. In the beginning I asked them why they had chosen their friends. What do you like about your friends that makes you continue your friendship?

Children started to name the qualities of their friends. They explained their reasons in their own wonderful words:

“I like Fatemeh because she doesn’t quarrel, just like me.”

“I chose Yamna because she is kind and likes everyone.”

Then I showed them eh book cover and started reading aloud after a brief introduction.

In the part where Dog seeks something he had lost, children were curious to know what he was looking for. When reaching the narrative’s climax, they got really excited and said: “Dog was looking for a friend, not his things!” They delightfully smiled at their friends throughout. The space was filled with love and compassion.

After reading aloud, children made beautiful handicrafts to give to each other as presents. They hugged one another and promised to always take care of their presents as a token of their friendship.


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