Let’s Save Mother Nature: activities on national recyclable resources week

National Recyclable Resources Week can is a great opportunity to engage in environmental activities. Reading and book-related activities are appropriate means of teaching the importance of protecting trees and jungles, rivers and seas, recycling and other conservation practices.

Below, you can read the experience of a Read with Me tutor from Qeshm Island. This creative tutor used the book “The Emperor Potato IV” to design environmental activities for her students. She has read-aloud this book through four sessions, allocating each session to one of these subjects:

Plastics and recycling

Air pollution

Water pollution

Drought and water use

Scroll down for a pictorial report of the activities:

First Session

A globe wrapped in plastic, tree branches with dangling plastic bags, a nature suffocating under plastics.

Planting seeds on the map of Qeshm Island, in hope of a greener future.

Second Session

Potatoes put in cups of water to sprout, as symbols of the earth.

Third Session

A demonstration of how our waste can enter the systems of turtles and endanger their lives.

An experiment with coke, milk and lemon juice to depict polluted water vs. clean water

Fourth Session


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