Young Librarian and her Active Library

Young Librarian and her Active Library

This is the young librarian of a Read with Me child-centered library located in a nomadic school in a village in Sistan & Balouchestan province. Most children, especially girls cannot study further than 6th grade since the village has only elementary schools. This young librarian has unfortunately been out of school because of this. But now, she has a responsibility in this little Read with Me library in her village. She has with her creativity and extraordinary eagerness maintained her connections to the library, reading and learning.

The Read with Me program aims to train young volunteers, especially out of school children, to become future Read with Me librarians. Because it believes that children who have grasped the joy of reading and Reading Aloud sessions, can be the best promoters of reading and knowledge themselves.


Below, you can read one of her reports:

  • Nomadic Schools – Zahedan
  • Date: July 2019
  • Reading Aloud Elmer the Patchwork Elephant

Today, as of any other day, children came to the library to borrow books. They returned the books they had took and borrowed new ones. I helped them in choosing books. Then I told them I wanted to read a book to them. They all clapped and hoorayed! Frankly, their happiness boosted my energy and made me more eager to read. I chose Elmer and read it to them. While reading, I asked them what they would color themselves with if they were Elmer? Some said they would use an elephant color colored pencil. One of them said I’ll go in sand! Everybody laughed.

In the end, two students said simultaneously: I’ll take Elmer home today. One said I’ll take it while the other said no, I’ll take it… When I told them that we have 2 covers of this books in the library, they became very happy and each took a cover. Then everybody said farewell. One of the children told me: I live faraway but because I have a book, I’ll read it on my way and when I arrive home, I won’t be tired.

Today was a good day for me and the children.

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