A Little Girl’s Dream to Join a Library

Mozhdeh, a Read with Me ambassador, told us the tale of little girl who wished so strongly to join her library.

This ambassador has continuously shown great enthusiasm in encouraging the children of her village to read. Her outstanding performance led to the establishment of three child-centered libraries in Kerman Province.

In Bagh-e-Setareha library, something unbelievable happened. Mozhdeh encountered a little girl who had come to the library to become a member. But something was different.

“When I asked her to bring a photo for her membership card, she brought a photo of her mother. At first, I thought she had made a mistake. But when I inquired, she said: I don’t have a photo myself, but I want to be a member of the library like everybody else!” Mozhdeh wrote in her report.

That little girl was so eager to join the library, she didn’t let a hindrance stop her from her dreams. This experience reminded us once again why we do what we do and why we must keep going forth to fulfill the dreams and wishes of children, where ever they are.

To read more about Mozhdeh and her influential work, click here.

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