The Reading Aloud Experience of A Creative Teacher

A creative teacher in Kousha House for Children, reads the book “I Am Not a Chair!” by Ross Burach to her preschool students. In this exciting Reading Aloud session, she includes so many different activities and discusses many interesting topics with children.

“I Am Not a Chair!” is a book about a giraffe that everybody mistakes for a chair. But he is not as self-confident as to tell them he’s not a chair, but a giraffe. At first he endures a smelly skunk and a heavy rhinoceros sitting on him and a snake wrapping around his neck. Then he decides to build a chair to show everyone what a real chair actually looks like. But it’s no use. Finally, he builds the courage and defends his right by telling everyone that he is not a chair.

This creative teacher, uses this opportunity to talk about giraffes. From their natural habitat to their food, height and the even the way they sleep. She seeks children’s cooperation in every step of the way, asking for their opinions through creative methods. While reading the book, she raises children’s sensitivity to differences and asks them to compare chairs with giraffes. Finally, she concludes her class with an exciting game of “cooperative musical chairs.”

To read the full report of this creative teacher and learn more about her Reading Aloud activities, click here.

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